Color My World

SunsetVB.jpgThe Treasure Coast is full of the colors we love. Color affects our mood or feelings and our behavior at home and at our business. This blog is a continuation of Color My Mood. I would love to hear how do the colors in this sunset, as well as other colors, affect you. Contact me at How the colors below affect yoiu?

Purple shows luxury, mystery and royalty. Deep purple can be romantic and sensual as well as elegant. Lighter shades, such as lavender, signifies spring and softness. Lavender is a lovely coastal color.

Pink is seen as soft. Since it is playful, pink is associated with childhood, and children often like a combination of pink and lavender. A new popular shade of pink is blush, which men and women enjoy. Deeper shades of pink include raspberry, an exciting coastal color, which is now used in sofas as well as in accessories.

Brown is earthy color and has an outdoor feel, especially when combined with green. Brown is beautiful in leather or in polished or rustic wood for furniture or beams. Brown and green combined are seen as sturdy and reliable.

Black signifies power. Polished black looks elegant and sophiscated or edgy and bold. Black is luxurious combined with red and gold. Dull plain black carpet may look lifeless. You may not want to use it in your place of business, even when you want to hide the dirt, which can be accomplished better with other colors. A new color, Shadow, has a slight tint of grey and is very dramatic and elegant.

White looks clean, fresh and healthy. It is often seen as virtuous.  It often signifies youthfulness and effortless or it can be seen as bold. White pairs well with other colors, that is why is looks so good as a trim color. If you find white is too much for you, try ivory or cream or any number of off-whites, which are perfect to use along the coast.

Let me know about your favorite colors and the ways in which they affects you. If you would like help in selecting color for your home or business, just contact me at:

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Color Your Mood

color fan revised.jpegColor affects our mood and our behavior. Below are some of the ways we can purposefully use color in our homes and businesses to feel calm or feel active. The colors on the exterior and interor of our place of business can help us attract clients or repel them. If you would like further help with enhancing your home or business through color, just contact me at Phone: 772-770-1438 or Email:

Red shows passion and love. It may be seen as aggression, anger or importance. Red increases our blood flow, our breathing and our appetite. If we are dieting, we would not want to paint our dining room red. Restaurants, however, would want to paint their dining rooms a deep red to encourage eating.

Orange adds energy and playfulness to a room. If you love orange but find it overwhelming, then use it in small amounts on an accent wall, chairs and accessories.

Yellow is happy and friendly. It activates the brain to make you take notice. Even a touch of yellow on pillows, lamps or flowers makes a room cheerful. Deeper yellows and gold, add importance. Yellow gold and gold are good color for banks.

Green reminds us of nature. We recommend the soft calmness of green grays.

Blue is calming. Sky blue and grey blue are popular colors for coastal areas. Medium blue is serene and trustworthy. Darker blue signifies security. Many financial institutions use blue in their logos and in their buildings.

For support in ways the right color can brighten your mood or can encourage clients to visit your place of business, contact Angela Speck, Allied ASID Interior Designer, at Angela Speck Designs. Phone: 772-770-1438 or Email: We look forward to helping you.